exhibition of Max Syron
curator: Mika Drozdowska

SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery

What happens when things change their original form? Are they perceived as something completely new? How do they relate to their previous identity? How can we classify something that is constantly changing? Max Syron tries to address all these questions in his work. The American artist will visit the SiC! BWA Wrocław gallery in August.

His first solo exhibition in Poland will be focused on the concept of „liquidity” of truth and indifference to human values. The American artist is trying to challenge the clichés that make it easier for us to classify objects and relationships. His statement will also provide an attempt to reject the classical dichotomy between man and nature and focus on the relationship between objects, regardless of whether it comes to the human factor, glass, photography or sound.

In his minimalist narrative. Max Syron shows objects and video works that revolve around the concept of the plane. Talking about his work, the artist often reaches for the means of poetic metaphor: we can find fluidity in each thing / with enough heat, everything melts flat. He avoids explicit statements that could limit any potential ways of understanding or the search for individual associations.

Max Syron will also prepare a performance in the form of motion workshops which will be held on Saturday, 6th August 2016 at the Wrocław Market Square. This will be a perfect opportunity to explore our basic ability to control the field of perception and reflect on the nature of relationships within our sight. During the workshop, we will get the chance to explore the potential hidden in our bodies, especially in relation to other people and the public space.

graphic design: Hubert Kielan
producer: Tomasz Cugier