exhibition of Ganna Grudnytska
curator: Mika Drozdowska

SIC! Gallery BWA Wrocław

Marcel Proust, the most important novelist of the 20th century and author of the quasi-autobiographical masterpiece In Search of Lost Time, called his text a “telescope” focussing on his life. It magnified the distant, obscure, literal and metaphorical elements building his reality. This peculiar “telescope” enhanced the details and discovered their true meanings. It exposed problems, awkward and painful moments, thanks to which the author was able to accept them, draw conclusions, feel relief and move on – better, purified.

This mechanism of analysing everyday reality is employed in her artistic strategy by Ganna Grudnytska, a young Ukrainian artist working in glass. In Proust’s case, the literary text became a structure, space within which the artist analysed himself. For Ganna, small glass objects become such a tool. Using them, she creates installations, sometimes surrealist, sometimes very classical in their composition.

graphic design: Kama Sokolnicka
photos in frame of exhibition: Alicja Kielan
soundtrack: Isaienko Dmytro

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