the International Biennale of Urban Art

edition 3rd (2012) & 4th (2014)
producent & coordinator: Mika Drozdowska

BWA Wrocław Gallery & city space, Wrocław, Poland

OUT OF STH – International Biennale of Urban Art dates back to 2008, organized by BWA Gallery of Modern Art as an international project paving the way to understanding such phenomena as street art, graffiti, redesign, guerilla gardening and many more. Biennale deals with the question how art engages in current challenges, and discusses perspectives how concepts such as environmental protection, modern urban development or alternative culture can add to solving contemporary issues. Since its premiere, Biennale has brought together over 100 artists from 11 countries.

General curators: Joanna Stembalska, Sławek Czajkowski ZBK

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photo: Justyna Fedec