exhibition of Ben Wright
curators: Mika Drozdowska, Marzena Krzemińska-Baluch, Joanna Stembalska

SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery, Poland

The exhibition sums up the residency of the American artist Ben Wright, whose practice combines art and science.

The artist also focuses on the idea of “invasive species” in the context of a dynamically migrating contemporary world, in which animals, plants, seeds, languages, food – through humans – move around like never before. This subject will serve as a metaphor and an impulse to raise the current issue of the movement of migrants and refugees from the point of view of artificial (unreal) borders. The title of the exhibition is at the same time the format of Ben Wright’s work, an overloaded site-specific installation that represents an overwhelming set of loosely combined emotions, ideas, and questions.

cooperation: Alicja Kielan, Swojskie Tropiki (Adam Martyniak i Karolina Włodek)
graphic design: Grupa Projektor
producer: Iwona Kałuża, Natalia Barczyńska

coorganizer: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

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