exhibition in the gallery sites during the pandemia
curator: Mika Drozdowska

SIC! BWA Wrocław Gallery, Poland

The first exhibition in the 2020 is a unique presentation that can only be seen from the outside through the thin glass of SIC!BWA Wroclaw Gallery’s windows.

We want to tell you five stories. Not later – now! Five stories woven from glass, ceramics, paper… Driven by cranks and reels. Separate. Closed in the gallery space. Seen only from the outside – through a thin sheet of glass. Short stories, brief announcements of what will happen later. We want to tell you five stories.

The first one about silence, about the escape from the hustle and freedom from the senses. The second one about the vision of a fall and the ecosystem that will come after nature is gone as well as about creating imitations of ourselves in search of security. The third one about five grams of plastic we
eat each year – a crazy drive that leads to an overdose of modern times. The fourth about the history and the past of places affecting our identity and the need to define it. Finally, the fifth one about the change as a result of which fear turns into a love of emptiness and about the escape from excess of signs, codes and information.

We want to tell you five stories. Now.

artists: Kalina Bańka, Food Think Tank i studenci ASP Wrocław, Hubert Kielan, Dominika Kulczyńska, Barbara Żłobińska i Mariusz Maślanka

set design: Hubert Kielan
producer: Iwona Kałuża

sponsor: Arctic Paper

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