exhibition of Norwegian glass
artists: Anna-Linda Gabriel, Frantzsen&Mjanger, Heidi Kristiansen, Ida Siebke Jeanne-Sophie Aas , Karin Forslund, Lene Charlotte Tangen, Maia Birkeland, Matilde Duus and Åsa Wigum Skjetne
curator: Mika Drozdowska

S12 Galleri og Verksted, Norway

The title of the exhibition I&WE („The” I „is thus at once a” we „) presented in S12 was extracted from the book written by the American feminist philosopher Judith Butler entitled Notes Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly. The author writes about experiencing freedom between people, which becomes the essence of understanding how a community works and how important it is. Freedom develops the creative and intellectual potential, gives us the freedom to choose certain forms and techniques of expression. Freedom is to be born in a group of people sharing the same passion and learning from each other.

The project presents the profiles of Norwegian artists selected within the framework of the Open Call format, derived from different stylistic universes. At first glance, it might be considered that they have little in common. Each of them is oriented to a different form of expression, and thus evoking a different spectrum of emotions and reflections. However, despite the fact that they use different symbols and language, they undeniably pursue their passion in working with the medium of glass. In their artistic strategy they focus on practices and narratives presenting attitudes filled with tenderness and mindfulness for the medium and the world around us. Hence, the key to the exhibition lies in the position derived from relational ethics and entering the framework of feminism – the ethics of care. Caring stands as companioning and an attentive and sensitive presence in difficult, by definition, situations. It is care for horizontal relations, solidarity, and vigilance towards beings and – departing from anthropocentrism and individualism, also for the other, those non-human. It also means mutual presence and concern for memory and visibility towards diversity as well as a multiplicity of narratives and approaches.

What we will see at the exhibition The „I” thus at once a „we” is a selection of object works, video, and photographs, in which the metamorphic nature of glass is used at the level of the formation of matter, but also of ideas. The presented works become a tool of engagement, generate relationships and perform. They take on the role of information carriers, like trace fossils tell future generations about our present, but also comment on it bitterly. They are an impulse to verify foregoing attitudes and raise greater awareness of artistic practice in the context of climate change and our intensive use of earth resources. Others boldly mock reality, without a hint of seriousness. Some show a metaphor for human codes and behavior, while others reflect our endurance and adaptability.
Regardless of the formal and ideological layer, we will undoubtedly look at glass through a range of perspectives and pretexts, the common denominator of which is giving this extraordinary material subjectivity.

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photo: Pal Hoff