Kategoria: exhibitions

I &WE (“The “I” is thus at once a “we”.”)

exhibition of Norwegian glass

As Few Traces as Possible

exhibition of Dominika Kulczyńska

If Everything That Exists Has a Place

exhibition of Ella Littwitz


exhibition about the Kościuszko Housing District

Everything Will Come in Handy

exhibition of Kalina Bańka


exhibition in the gallery sites during the pandemia

If not later, then when?

exhibition in the gallery sites during the pandemia

Florentine Syndrome

exhibition of de la Torre brothers

Invasive species

exhibition of Ben Wright


exhibition of Ganna Grudnytska

A Still Life

exhibition of John Moran

Out of Control

exhibition of Antonina Joszczuk

Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding vol. 2

exhibition of Lin Wang

Where is my paradise?

exhibition of Shige Fujishiro

Over Time

post-residence exhibition: Krystian Czaplicki, Kama Sokolnicka, Leonie Young, Philemon Vanorlé

That which is in me / That in which I am

exhibition of Max Syron

As He Fled On His Pedalo

exhibition of Philémona Vanorlé


the International Biennale of Urban Art