light installation by Jakub Szczęsny
producer/ coordinator of the project: Mika Drozdowska

December 2013
backyard of Dizajn BWA Wrocław, located at Szewska street, Wrocław, Poland

Aureola is a light installation in public space, lasting beyond the duration of the show. Illuminating a neglected backyard on Szewska Street, near the Dizjan gallery’s building, the installation acts as an extension to the gallery’s space as well as an expansion of usable city space. It thus emphasizes the designer’s belief that art and spatial actions have the potential to have an immediate effect on everyday social life.

Aureola is a part of the project City Carpet which included: exhibition Działania na terenie zaludnionym, outside installation Aureola and monograph of Jakub Szczęsny.

curator of installation: Katarzyna Roj
curator of the exhibition: Kaja Pawełek

construction: Forma Otwarta

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