exhibition of Philémona Vanorlé
curator: Mika Drozdowska

Studio BWA Wrocław Gallery

Philémon Vanorlé’s stay in Wrocław, co-organized by Wrocław BWA Galleries and Association La Malterie, began the residential programme within the framework of the Miastoprojekt programme, an idea inaugurated during the OUT OF STH Biennale of Urban Art.

Over the months of November and December 2014, the artist had only six weeks to immerse himself in city space and then create an exhibition based on his personal perception of the local areas and communities.

Backyards became his working laboratories, as well as flea markets, cemeteries, block housing estates and suburbs, which he has been systematically exploring since 2007 (the Basse-Cour cycle). Equipped with two basic tools – a bicycle and a notebook – he undertook to learn the local history, practices and cultural mechanisms the best way possible. The process of sensing, and then building a concept is an intimate and only partially conscious celebration of tranquillity, as opposed to the dynamic environment of Wrocław. This insightful cognitive process has contributed to the exhibition, as well as a discreet intervention in urban space, results of both to be found in this booklet.

As He Fled On His Pedalo was subtle and well-considered vivisection of urban absurdities and local etiquette. Without judgement or pointless patronizing, it encouraged the viewer to have a fresh outlook on reality.

Relationships between the artist’s impressions and objects presented both in public and gallery space of Studio BWA were ambient in nature. Philémon’s sensitivity, not devoid of a gentle sense of humour, allowed the viewers to enter his world without the fear of necessarily confronting their own weaknesses.